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Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
Wholesale Bead Supply, Wholesale Beads, Jewelry Making Supplies

We are a wholesale bead supplier for sterling silver jewelry findings, wholesale CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, Bali, alphabet letter beads, turquoise, prayer boxes, semi-precious stone & gemstones, silver charms, watch faces and beading supplies. Shipping Schedule
Our showroom open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and will ship online orders on those days with the exception of USPS holidays.  Our store will be closed on USPS holidays and we will not ship online orders.  Please plan your order accordingly.

List of Observed Holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving 24-25, Christmas to New Year’s Day

Inventory Reduction Sale
Timewell is having an inventory reduction sale. Price displayed in the website is the regular item price. When you check out, your order will also show the regular price. But don’t worry, we will manually apply the discount to your order when we process it. This is a limited time offer while supplies last. All sales are final and no returns accepted for inventory reduction items.
Swarovski crystal beads -------  30% off
Semi-precious gemstone beads -------  50% off
Cat’s eye beads -------  50% off
Czech glass beads -------  50% off
Shell/Abalone beads -------  50% off
Glass beads -------  50% off
CZ beads -------  50% off
Base metal findings -------  50% off
Dyed and bone beads -------  50% off
Tools and Scarf -------  50% off
TBar, Velvet Pad -------  50% off
PlasticTray, Foam Ring Pad -------  50% off
Manikin Display, Neck Form -------  50% off
Suede Spool, B092Beads -------  50% off

New Items
(Fresh Water Pearl Necklace)

Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
New Items
(Gold Filled Chain)

Gold Filled Chain

Check out some of our Best Sellers
Sterling Silver Snake Chain Sterling Silver Snake Chain
Base Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: 16 inches
Price: $14.85 One piece
Wholesale Gold Filled Charms Gold Filled Charms
Type: Gold Filled Charms
Size: 3/8"x 5/8"
Price: $3.8 / One piece
Wholesale Sterling silver balloon clasp Sterling silver balloon clasp
Size: 5x9mm
Price: $6.30 10 pieces
Wholesale Sterling Earrings Finding, Wholesale Lever Back Sterling Silver Lever Back
Type: Earring Findings
Style: Euro Wire
Price: $22.50 (10 pairs)
$176.35 (100 pairs)
Wholesale Freshwater Pearls Freshwater Pearls
Color: White Rice
Size: 4~5mm, 16" strand
Price: $11.25 5 strands
Wholesale Sterling Silver Chains by the foot Silver Chains by the foot
Type: Bulk Sterling Silver Chains
(Hammered/Shiny Round)
Size: 12x19mm/Small Oval(8x13mm)
Price: $14.00 per foot
Wholesale Sterling Silver Engavable Tag Sterling Silver Engavable Tag
Size: 9.2x10.5mm
Price: $12.90 10 pieces
Wholesale Turquoise Nugget Turquoise Nugget
Group: Semi-precious Gemstones
Size: 10~12x13~17mm
Price: $9.35 per strand
Wholesale Sterling Silver Bali Beads Sterling Silver Bali Beads
Shape: Daisy Flower
Size: 4mm
Price: $21.30 8.25" per strand
(approx. 159 beads, 15.21g)
Wholesale Swarovski Austrian 5301 Bi-cone Crystals CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements
Size: 5301 Bi-cone 4mm
Color: Crystal
Price: $3.95 72 pieces
(more discount w/ bulk buy)
Wholesale Sterling Silver Letter Block, Alphabet Cube Sterling Silver Letter Blocks
Size: 4.5mm (made in USA)
Type: Alphabet Cubes
Price: $1.89 each
Wholesale Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp
Size: 4mm x 10mm
Price: $6.30 10 pieces
Wholesale Sterling Silver Beads Shiny Sterling Silver Beads
Size: 4mm
Type: Seamless
Price: $11.90 per 100 beads
Wholesale Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp
Size: Circle 1/2", Bar 3/4"
Price: $27.35 10 sets
Wholesale SoftFlex Soft Flex
Size: 49 strands .019
Price: $38.00 100 ft
Wholesale Sterling Silver Breast Cancer Ribbon Charm SS Breast Cancer Charm
Size: 1/2" long
Type: Breast Cancer Ribbon Charm
Price: $10.00 5 pieces

Wholesale Findings/Components
Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp, Lobster Clasp, Bail,
SS & GF Bead, Watch Face, Wholesale Jewelry Findings.

Wholesale Findings
Wholesale Beads
Swarovski Austrian Crystal, Alphabet Letter Bead,
Bali Bead, Czech Glass Bead, Cat's Eye, Freshwater Pearl.

Wholesale Beads
Wholesale Semi-precious Stones
Turquoise, Citrine, Cherry Quartz, Onyx, MOP,
Rose Quartz, Jasper, Coral, Amethyst, Peridot.

Wholesale Semi-precious Stones
Wholesale Charms & Chains
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, Enamel Charm,
Prayer Box Charm, Sterling Silver Chain by the foot.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Charms and Chains
Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
Prayer Box, Locket, Pendant, Earring, Ring,
Bracelet, Necklace, Hand Beaded Bracelet, Anklet.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
Jewelry Tools & Supplies
SoftFlex 49 Strand Beading Wire, Beadalon Memory Wire,
Crimping Tool, Beading Board, Silver Foil Gift Box.

Jewelry Tools and Supplies

Here are some Jewelry Q's & A's
What exactly is sterling silver jewelry (or 925 sterling silver)?
Silver, even that has been fully work-hardened, gradually recrystallizes and softens at room temperature.  To maintain hardness, other metals are added to form alloys that are harder, stronger, and less susceptible to scratching and marring.  The best-known copper-silver alloy is sterling, which is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper (hence the name 925 sterling silver).

What is gold filled jewelry (GF)?
Gold filled is a process of pressure bonding a thin layer of gold to a base metal core (usually brass).  Gold filled (unlike gold plating) has an actual layer of gold, giving it more value and making it tarnish-resistant.

What is vermeil?
Vermeil or vermeille (pronounced either ver-meel' or ver-MAY') is gold-plating process developed in France in the mid-1700s.  Early-day vermeil involved the use of mercury.  Modern-day vermeil is produced by a safe electrolytic process.  The inside core is sterling silver and the outside is a coating of gold.  Gold plate adheres OK, but not perfectly to silver.  Where the plating has not bonded, the silver will tarnish underneath the plating.  On the gold-plated surface, this will appear as dark, blotchy spots.  The gold-plate will darken over time, and will eventually wear off.  On highly decorated surfaces such as Bali beads, the irregular darkening adds an antique effect to the piece.  If you are mixing vermeil and gold-filled pieces together, remember that the vermeil will darken, but the gold-filled will not.

What is enamel charm?
Enamel charm is created by applying powdered glass, colored with oxides, to a base metal (sterling silver or gold) under high temperatures to melt the glass and fuse it to the metal surface.  The vivid colors of enamel charms make them very popular in making charm bracelets.

What is mother-of-pearl (MOP)?
Mother-of-pearl is the lining of a shell.  It is usually the same color, composition and quality as the pearls that were produced by the particular mollusk.  Mother-of-pearl is often used in sterling silver jewelry because of its regal and sophisticated look.

What are Bali beads? What's the difference between Bali silver and sterling silver?
Strictly speaking, Bali beads are silver beads produced in Bali, Indonesia.  These beads are handmade (not cast) with unique design and intricate detail.  Because of its popularity, more countries are now producing this type of beads.  Therefore, the term "Bali beads" is now generally referring to "Bali-style beads".  Bali Silver usually has less than 92.5% silver content hence cannot be designated as sterling.  When buying Bali beads, one should always look for handmade Bali beads (vs. the cheap cast ones).  Handmade Bali beads are far more superior in quality, giving more value to your jewelry.

What is CZ (Cubic Zirconia)?
CZ looks very similar to diamond and usually hard to distinguish the difference with the naked eye.  CZ has many characteristics like diamond but at a fraction of the cost.  CZ is slightly less brilliance (liveliness and sparkle) than diamonds, while having more fire (flashes of rainbow colors).  CZ has a scientific hardness rating of 8.5 (vs. Diamond 10) on the Mohs' scale, hence can scratch glass (hardness 6~7).  CZ is about 75% heavier than diamond and comes in variety of colors.  High Quality CZ is machine cut to exacting tolerances that duplicates the diamond-cutting process.  Main sources of CZ are United States, Switzerland, Thailand and China. - Wholesale Beads, Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies, Wholesale Bead Supplies
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