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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I just found your website through a search engine.  I am concerned about placing online orders with you since I don't know your company.

We totally understand your concerns.  In fact, we have similar concerns about accepting orders from people who had never ordered from us before.  This is why we are very selective in our account approval process. 

We have been in the wholesale jewelry business since 1986 and we are one of the few authorized Beadalon wholesalers in the United States.  You can look at our guest book to see how others have to say about us.  You can also click here to learn more about our company. We encourage you to sign up and give us a try.  We look forward to starting a long and enjoyable business relationship with you.
I want to do a price comparison before I sign up.  Why can't you show me the prices?  What is the big secret?

Many of our customers appreciate that we do not disclose our prices to the public.  We also believe it is the right thing to do.  Maybe the internet has redefined the wholesale-retail market and many wholesalers are selling directly to the public.  We still believe the old fashion wholesale-retail market order.  We certainly wouldn't be happy if our manufacturers/suppliers disclose our cost to our customers. So if you are a retailer, you would understand and appreciate why we don't display our prices to the public.
Other jewelry wholesale websites do not require any document from me.  Donít you want my business?

If those are true wholesalers, they should ask you for resale documents.  Most of them just want to make quick sales so they skip this process.  Or they are just a retailer giving you quantity discount.  We probably lost potential customers due to our diligence.  But those who become our customers are all sincere buyers. They are probably the best customers a wholesaler could ever ask for.  And we reward them with the best prices, quality and service that we can provide.
I don't have a Tax number.  Can I order from your website for my personal jewelry projects?

Unfortunately, no.  We are a true wholesale store and our exclusive wholesale prices are available only to jewelry retailers.
I have a Tax number from another state.  Do I still need to fill out your "Texas Resale Certificate"?

Yes, there is a field in the "Texas Resale Certificate" for you to enter your out-of-state Tax number.  Please note that filling out this form is only to claim your purchase is for resale and non-taxable.  It does not mean that you are applying for a Texas Tax number. 
I am an international customer.  How do I open a wholesale account?

If you are an international customer, please send us (via email or regular mail) a copy of you local business registration or equivalent document.  Once we receive your documentation, we will approve your account.
Do I need to fill out the "Texas Resale Certificate" every time I purchase?

No, this is a one-time setup.  Once we have your tax number and signed "Texas Resale Certificate" on file, we will approve your wholesale account.  After that, you can login and purchase as many times as you want.
I have created an account, why can't I see your products?

We need to receive your signed "Texas Resale Certificate" and Tax number in order to approve your account.  Our state law requires us to collect these two documents from all our wholesale customers.  We thank you for your cooperation.
I have emailed my Tax number and the "Texas Resale Certificate", why do I still cannot see your products?

If your email arrives during non-business hours, we will approve your account the next business day.  This is a manual process and someone has to check up your email and update your account status.  So please be patient.  If you suspect the transmission did not come through, please contact us.  We will also send you an email notification when your account is approved.
Can I scan my signed documents/Tax Number and send them as email attachments?

Yes, if this is easier for you.  Please also include your login in your email to help us speed up the approval process.
Do you have a physical store?

Yes, our store address is
            Timewell Corporation
            201 E Arapaho Road
            Richardson TX 75081
You can click here to learn more about our company.
I live in the Dallas area.  Can I order it online and come to your store to pick up my order?

Absolutely.  During your checkout, just select the "I will come and pick up my order" as your shipping method. Then call us to set up an appointment to pick up your package.
I want to order certain items but I could not find them in your website.  What should I do?

We are in the process of putting our entire product line onto the website (Believe us, there are a lot).  If you want to order certain items we carry but you cannot find them in the website, you can leave a special instruction during checkout.  The special instruction box is available at the last step of your checkout process (the same page when you enter your credit card information).  Or you can send us a follow up email immediately after you place the order (please include your order number in the email subject).
Is it safe to put my credit card through your web site?

Yes, your credit order is transmitted through secure socket layer (SSL) between your computer and our secure server.  This is the same technology used by online airline booking or online banking.  Further, we do not store your credit card information permanently on our server.
Do you have a printed catalog?

No, our website offers you the online catalog that is always up to date.  We are in the process of putting all our products onto our website.  Please do not email us to request a printed catalog.
Do you offer free shipping?

Sorry, we don't.  Other retailers may offer you free shipping but they mark up 100% ~ 300% of their prices.  We give you the lowest price up front.  We don't use free shipping as a temporary promotional tool.
What are the estimated shipping cost and processing time?

Listed below are the available shipping methods, estimated shipping cost and processing times.  The shipping charge covers both shipping and insurance costs.  UPS may add additional changes for extra heavy package.

Estimated Shipping Charges and Processing Time.
All shipping charges and processing times listed below are estimated.  Shipping charges also depend on the weight and value of your package.

a. UPS - Ground : $10.00 and up + Insurance
Processed and shipped out within 3 business days
b. UPS - 3 Days Select : $16.50 and up + Insurance
Processed and shipped out within 2 business days
c. UPS - Second Day Air : $23.00 and up + Insurance
Processed and shipped out within 2 business days
d. UPS - Next Day Air: $60.00 and up + Insurance
Processed and shipped out within 1~2 business days
e. UPS - Next Day Air
    plus Saturday Delivery :
$60.00 and up + Insurance
Same rule as the UPS Next Day Air plus UPS will deliver on Saturday.  UPS charges additional charge for Saturday delivery.
f. US Postal Service - Priority:
(available only for order less than $200)
$8.75 and up + Insurance
Processed and shipped out within 3 business days
g. US Postal Service - Express:
(available only for order less than $200)
$30.00 and up + Insurance
Processed and shipped out within 2 business days
h. USPS Express International : start from $85.00 + Insurance
Processed and shipped out within 2 business days
USPS shipping time: 14 days


UPS Insurance If your UPS order is less than $100, your insurance fee is included in your regular UPS shipping fee.
If your UPS order is more than $100, UPS charges additional insurance fee at the rate of $2.25 per $100.
US Postal Service Insurance Insurance is 0.90 for every $100

Please note that we do not process orders during weekend or major holidays.  Please plan your order accordingly.

UPS does not deliver on weekend or major holidays.  UPS charges additional fee if you want a Saturday delivery and this option is only available for Next Day Air.  UPS shipping rates may differ for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  Please refer to UPS website for rates of your regions.

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